H.R. 5813 Looks to Aid Transition Into New DOL Overtime Regs


As reported in AMOA’s recent Off the Top newsletter, a bill introduced in the House on July 17 by Rep. Kyle Schrader (D-OR) has been gaining momentum during the break on Capitol Hill. The bill, H.R. 5813, is designed to help businesses ease into potential costs caused by the change in Department of Labor regulations governing overtime exemption rules for certain employees.

The measure would phase in the new salary threshold over the next three years to give businesses more time to prepare for the new rules. The bill would also eliminate a provision in the DOL-issued regulations that provides automatic updates to the salary threshold every three years.

As previously reported on Instant RePlay, the AMOA has recently joined a coalition, the Partnership to Protect Workplace Opportunity, whose members believe in more flexibility for both employees and employers. For more on that, click on this link.


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