Good News for ATM Operators Fighting Decade-Long Litigation


NAC recently reported that the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia has ruled in favor of certifying the class of independent ATM operators in the 10-plus years long antitrust litigation versus VISA and Mastercard.

“NAC is thrilled with yesterday’s ruling by Judge Leon, certifying the class of Independent ATM Operators in NAC’s longstanding antitrust litigation versus VISA and Mastercard,” said the association’s executive director Bruce Renard. “Class certification is the most significant legal hurdle for class plaintiffs to pass in a case like this, and so yesterday’s victory is particularly important and encouraging for our nation’s ATM operators. Moreover, the court’s order is grounded in rock solid facts and legal precedent and should withstand any potential appeal that may be brought by defendants.

“With class certification in place, NAC looks forward to the global networks’ current anticompetitive ‘no differential surcharging’ rules being eliminated ASAP, and America’s Independent ATM operators receiving the damages awards they deserve as a class.”

NAC says the rules have stifled competition among ATM networks and have enabled VISA and Mastercard to charge ATM operators inflated fees for network services.


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