Georgia Ops Plan “Southern Expo”


GAMOA 2017 The tenth annual Southern Amusement and Entertainment Expo is looking to expand its impact this year, with the GAMOA-sponsored event coming to Atlanta on Sept. 13-14. The event seeks to broaden its reach throughout the Southeast by bringing industry members from Alabama, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Florida and Georgia.

“Our tradeshow has grown tremendously since it began a decade ago, and this move to bring in neighboring states will take this event to another level entirely, enriching the experience for operators and vendors,” said Shawn Fellows, President of GAMOA. He also advises that there’s still time for those interested to secure exhibition space and purchase sponsorships, as well as time for attendees to register.

TrainerTainment is set to host a breakout session during the event focused on FECs, while experts from bill acceptor manufacturers CPI, JCM, AstroSystems, Innovative Technologies, ICT and Pyramid will all be offering tech training while TouchTunes will present a jukebox tech training session. Other programs focus on navigating the arbitration process, updates from the Georgia Lottery Corp., advice from GAMOA on starting a state association of your own and info on card systems.

“Demand is so high this year that we’ll have to look for a larger space next year – an excellent problem to have,” Fellows said. “Our hope that the expo will give those who attend the tools they need to grow demand for their own businesses.”

For additional information visit the GAMOA website here or contact GAMOA Executive Director Christina Kaiser at [email protected].


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