I.T. Signs PGA’s Daly


Professional PGA Tour golfer John Daly is getting digitized! The two-time major winner is set to be featured in Golden Tee 2019 after Incredible Technologies reached a multi-year agreement with him in July. Daly will be featured in Real Time Rivals, an all-new game mode debuting in the upcoming GT 2019.

In the mode, players can go head-to-head with John on a variety of courses, getting the chance to see how their game stacks up to the pro. His on-screen avatar will also be selectable as a character in other game modes, meaning players can compete against or play as their favorite golfer.

“We’re thrilled to have John as a part of Golden Tee,” said Don Pesceone, IT’s Amusements VP. “His larger-than-life personality and hard-hitting lifestyle are a perfect match for our game, especially as we celebrate our 30th anniversary.”

The deal is in part to celebrate the game’s amazing lifespan three decades, originally debuting in 1989 as a three-course golf game. This October, more than 16,000 games across the world will update with Golden Tee 2019 and Daly as a new character.

“This game has been played in bars, restaurants and taverns for as long as I’ve been playing, which is a pretty remarkable feat,” Daly said. “I’m thrilled about the partnership, and ready to grip it and rip it in Golden Tee.” For more info, click here.


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