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Elevating Fun for All Ages at the Burrow and Spin Art Nation

by Barry Zelickson

Hold onto your seats, folks, because we’re about to embark on a whirlwind tour of two places where fun knows no bounds. Our journey this month takes us to destinations that cater to all ages through their unique way of delivering excitement.

For our first stop, we head to the Burrow in Oakdale, Minn., to experience a multi-attraction indoor/outdoor entertainment center and how they continue to evolve to provide the best experiences for their guests. Then we travel to Lincoln Park, Ill., to dive into the unique single-focus experience that Spin Art Nation has to offer.

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The Burrow – Oakdale, MN

Welcome to the Burrow in Oakdale, Minn. (they also operate the Burrow in Victoria and Fair on 4 at the Mall of America, Bloomington) where partner Tom Wartman says that their audience “is a little of everybody, but does focus on an adult environment that is family friendly.”

While Tom says that their 11 lanes of axe throwing are currently their most popular attraction, that offering is just the tip of the fun iceberg at this colossal 50,000-sq.-ft. facility. Inside the Burrow, you’ll discover a treasure trove of entertainment options, including a private karaoke room, laser tag, ropes course, arcade games, pinball, darts, shuffleboard, Ping-Pong and foosball. But there’s more! Jared Vejtruba, one of their team members, showcased a sport simulator with games ranging from classic golf, soccer, hockey to zombie dodgeball and shooting range. And if that’s not enough, they’ve recently swapped out their indoor electric go kart track with four sizzling pickleball courts as a way to continue to offer the latest in entertainment options.

That’s not all, of course. They also have a bar area packed with entertainment games like Connect 4, Jenga, Scrabble, beer pong and corn hole. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, they throw in the unique game of Hammerschlagen, a game in which participants compete against each other to drive nails into a wooden surface. Be sure to check out our video which captures Nate’s epic skills at this challenging bar game.

Don’t think the fun ends with the indoors. Seasonally, The Burrow extends its reach to the outdoors with a fenced-in patio for hanging out with friends, complete with a custom made 18-hole miniature golf course (which is colorfully lit up for night play).

The Burrow also boasts a couple of great bars as well as a full scratch kitchen. As Nate can attest as he continues his gastronomic journey across America, they offer savory chef inspired burgers and mouthwatering pizzas. Most recently, they’ve upped the ante by adding smokers in the kitchen and now offer delicious smoked meats to their menu too.

As if that weren’t enough, The Burrow spices things up on special nights with bingo, trivia nights and live music, along with a private event space for those epic parties and corporate gatherings. The Burrow truly does offer something for everyone. Even with the most recent addition of Pickleball, Wartman says The Burrow won’t stop there. They believe providing quality entertainment is an everchanging endeavor, and I agree.

Spin Art Nation – Lincoln Park, IL

Now let’s switch gears and head to Lincoln Park, Ill., where we find one of Spin Art Nation’s seven locations. While some of their other locations offer a smorgasbord of attractions, this one is all about bicycle spin art.
You might remember spin art from your trips to a county or state fair, where you and a bunch of folks squirted paint onto a spinning canvas. Well gang, Spin Art Nation has cranked the fun dial up to eleven! The moment you step in, you’re encouraged to unleash your inner artist. You pick a name for your nametag, don a “minion suit” (as described by associate producer Sarah Kingsburg) and you’re ready to create your masterpiece. But here’s the twist: it’s a team effort. It requires one member to sit on the bike and pedal, while the artist gives instructions to the biker on when to start, stop and how fast to go. All this happens while the artist chooses their inspiration along with the paint, glitter and whatever else they need to begin creating their masterpiece. It’s like a creative symphony on wheels!

During our visit, each bay was buzzing with different groups, from families to corporate teams and it clearly was a hot spot for date nights too. What sets this place apart is how it pulls everyone into the experience. Once the “minion suits” are on, and the goggles are in place, every artist, bicycle companion, and the cheering crowd are transformed. Their sole focus becomes the group they’re with and the art they’re creating. When the adventure is over, you carry home your priceless artwork in a big box, just like a leftover pizza, for you to enjoy the next morning.

Time is booked in hour increments which provides enough time for each guest to get changed, create a masterpiece, get cleaned up and hit the road with work of art in hand. The costs vary based on the size of the canvas, and the best part? You can walk away and let someone else handle the mess.

As we bid adieu to these incredible places, we can confirm that FUN is not just a word, it’s a way of life. Whether you’re all-in for a single attraction or a smorgasbord of activities, one thing’s for sure: If you cater to your audience’s desires, they won’t just leave happy, they’ll happily come back. More than often, they’ll bring back their friends too.



Barry Zelickson

Barry Zelickson, is the co-creator of Fun Across America, a YouTube channel travelogue show. Zelickson has worked in the entertainment field for almost 30 years and has been awarded several IAAPA Brass Ring awards including one of the association’s highest honors, Family Entertainment Center of the World. His other projects include commercials, infomercials, feature films, documentaries, live events and entertainment centers.


Nate Reinhart

Nate Reinhart

Nate Reinhart, host and co-creator of Fun Across America, is a content creator for NalterDeeds and NalterCards on YouTube and content consultant for creators and businesses alike. After a shoutout from MrBeast, Nate has accumulated over 250,000 subscribers on his YouTube channels.


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