Frank the Crank Honored with Hall of Fame Induction


Frank Seninsky started his amusement company in 1969 with a $25 investment. Today, Alpha Omega is one of the largest amusement operations in the country and Frank is now a part of the Amusement Industry Hall of Fame.

AAMA’s Pete Gustafson said at his induction, “Frank is an unapologetic industry evangelist having presented over 450 seminars worldwide. He’s written literally thousands of articles for international trade journals and has served as president for two industry-leading trade associations, AMOA and IALEI.”

Seninsky is also founder of the well-regarded Foundations Entertainment University, which helps fine-tune the dreams of new FEC entrepreneurs and old operators alike.

Eddie Adlum added: “Frankie Seninsky came to my attention several decades back when RePlay’s then-competitor Play Meter magazine ran a regular feature he wrote called Frank the Crank. Being competitive by nature myself, I sort of resented Frank’s presence at the shows until Betson/Jersey’s sales director Jerry Gordon prevailed on me to sit down and chat with this guy.

“The windup was Frank coming over to RePlay, where he stayed for years, working closely with then-editor Marcus Webb on a monthly piece called Frank Talk. All this time, Frank is building his network of arcades and FECs and ultimately doing sought-after consulting work for people with investment money looking to buy into the business.”

Frank was also not one to take himself too seriously if it could benefit the industry. Above, he’s seen with Brad Brown and RePlay’s then-editor Marcus Webb as refereed in a Battle of the Titans. Below, it was dunk tank time with Russ Mawdsley.


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