First Future of Immersive Leisure Event Set


Want to know where the future of entertainment and leisure is heading? The FOIL conference taking place in Las Vegas Sept. 13-14 at the Mandalay Bay resort will be a great way to get fully immersed in what’s to come and what’s possible. RePlay will be the industry’s media partner for the conference which is bringing together big names (from the likes of Dave & Buster’s, Walt Disney and others) to discuss technological advances in attractions for FECs, parks, movie theaters and other entertainment venues.

If it’s high tech and out-of-home entertainment, they look to cover it with an agenda that spotlights VR Arcades, next generation 3D and 4D mapping experiences, the ROI of creating a big blockbuster experience for a small attraction, VR roller coasters and ultimately how businesses can make a big breakthrough with mixed reality games and entertainment. RePlay readers will be very familiar with several of the speakers, including regular contributors Frank Seninsky, Kevin Williams and Bob Cooney, along with Kevin Bachus of Dave & Buster’s and Erik Guthrie of Zone Laser Tag.

A sneak peek of FOIL presenters can be found here, and its easy to see how busy the event will be! Both days are wall-to-wall packed with presenters from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

RePlay readers can get a 15 percent discount with the code REPLAYMAG during checkout, as long as they register by Friday (July 14). Look for more updates as the schedule develops, as well as on-the-ground reporting before, during and after the first-time event.


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