First Arcade Bar Opens in Christchurch, New Zealand


Arcadia, a recently-opened arcade bar, is the first of its kind in Christchurch, New Zealand, according to TVNZ. The arcade side of the business touts 15 vintage pinball machines and around a dozen video game cabinets. The machines will operate with specially-made tokens that come free with certain burger or beer purchases. (They can also be bought separately.)

“It always feels like a party when you get lots of machines with all the lights and noises going,” said owner Matthew Glanville. “We have this emerging, vibrant and exciting subculture that is starting to pop up in the rebuild of the city.”

Glanville invites people to come in and party like they did in 1979 with their all-vintage pin and video game lineup. Among the pinball machines: Twilight Zone, Dracula and The Getaway. Video games include: Pac-Man, Street Fighter 2 and Space Invaders.


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