FEU Hosts Successful 38th Class


FEU Class 38

Foundations Entertainment University wrapped up its 38th session last week (June 14-16) in Chicago at the Double Tree Hotel. Forty-two attended the event, with 13 sponsors, six presenters and the rest a diverse group of attendees who came from eight U.S. states, Trinidad, India, the U.K. and China. 

Organizers said attendees came from across the spectrum of business in the amusement industry: some owned FECs, others bowling halls, laser tag arenas and arcades, plus game operators and more. AAMA’s Tina Schwartz attended as a special guest. 

Foundations is in its 14th year, and that experience is reflected and amplified in the speakers it brings out. With over 200 years of combined industry experience, Randy White, Jerry Merola, Peter Olesen, Frank Seninsky, Frank Price and Kevin Williams were able to spread that knowledge to the attendees of this event. Adding to the quality of the session was the diverse backgrounds of the attendees.

“This had to be the most highly educated and business experienced class we have ever had at Foundations,” said Seninsky. “The group included lawyers, accountants, a construction company owner, hotel management, a food and beverage chef, investment professionals, real estate, FEC chain owners, and on and on.  Their questions kept all of the speakers on their toes.”

Bandai-Namco's David Bishop addresses a group at Level 257, a FEC in Chicago.

Bandai-Namco’s David Bishop addresses a group at Level 257, a FEC in Chicago.

Attending sponsors, including Betson, Embed, US Bowling, Sureshot Redemption, Zone Laser Tag, Creative Works, Amusement Products, Party Center Software, CenterEdge Software and Venue Industries, added extra benefits to the event as well. 

A list of classes made available to attendees is below. For more information, click here:

Getting the Most Out of Smaller Sites (Olesen); Virtual Reality & Payments in the 21st Century (Williams); Remarkable Parties and Groups (Price); Project Capital and Real Estate for Your Entertainment Project (Merola); Market and Economic Feasibility and the Mix (White); How to Read an FEC P&L and Understand How This Business Really Works (Seninsky).


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