Family Entertainment Group (FEG) has added three Going Bonkers FECs to its diverse portfolio. Located in Quincy, Ill., Columbia, Miss., and Topeka, Kansas, these facilities are the newest additions to George Smith’s rapidly growing company, and one of several recent acquisitions by FEG as the company continues to look for high-value entertainment centers.

The Going Bonkers locations were previously owned and operated by Richard and Lori Houseweart and Tim Anderson. Said Richard: “I’ve been fortunate to work with many companies over the years. I can honestly say without reservation that none have been more honest, fair and pleasant to deal with than FEG. We are confident that Going Bonkers is in good hands going forward.” FEG says they will enhance the facilities over the coming year through the installation of new games and attractions, restaurant expansions, exterior renovations and improved online presence.

Said Ray Smith, Director of Business Development at FEG: “Going Bonkers is a perfect fit for us, aligning with our strategy of acquiring high-quality, well-operated locations and driving the business to the next level through strategic investment, technology and innovation.”


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