VR Arcades Sprout Across Phoenix


A recent article in AZ Central celebrated the multiple VR arcades popping up around Phoenix, and what they describe as the cheap accessibility they provide for VR fans to try out the tech. Due to the steep cost of headsets and space restrictions, for many consumers, VR at home is out of the picture. However, as the hype builds around the tech (especially with major Hollywood releases like Ready Player One), plenty of consumers are curious to see what the fuss is about.

That’s where the VR arcade comes in, and Pheonix isn’t even the hub of it. In coastal cities like NYC and San Francisco, as well as throughout metropolitan China, VR arcades have become staple sights. For many entering this business though, there’s always the fear that they might just do too good of a job enticing players.

A mass exodus of customers who end up buying headsets for their homes could spell trouble for the budding business. But plenty of VR experts believe that scenario is far, far away, and as VR pro Kevin Williams said at the recent Amusement Expo, what’s it matter to us as long as we get a ROI?



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