FEG Buys First VR Battle Arena


The first Transformers: VR Battle Arena from Minority Media was sold at IAAPA to Family Entertainment Group, which will be putting the 4-person, player-vs.-player system at their Kalahari Poconos location.

Minority Media’s Michael Zaidan (left) and Sylvain Croteau (right) with FEG’s VP Rich Pankey at IAAPA 2019.

The deal was closed after FEG’s Rich Pankey experienced the game on the trade show floor, where the platform made its debut, according to Minority Media. “This represents a great opportunity for Family Entertainment Group to offer visitors to our locations a portal directly into the universe of an A-list entertainment property,” said Pankey, FEG’s VP of games and tech services. “Transformers is a powerhouse brand with a huge recognition factor that will attract many people to try VR.”

Minority Media has extended its IAAPA deals through the end of the year. Get in touch at [email protected].


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