FEC Success Institute Unites Operators


Amusement Products’ FEC Success Institute was held March 8-9 in Chattanooga, Tenn. More than 20 registered groups joined together seeking ways to improve their business and enhance their offerings.

Some were just starting in the FEC biz while others had established centers they want to make better. “If you can learn just one new thing at a seminar, it should make the participation profitable,” said organizer Dutch Magrath, president of Amusement Products and owner of the host location Sir Goony’s Fun Center.

“At the FEC Success Institute, our instructors offer hundreds of proven ideas for success. Our experts share their knowledge freely on how to add attractions and services profitably. Even after operating a park for 42 years, every seminar I learn about new ways to make my own park more profitable! It’s the best seminar for increasing your FEC’s chances for success.”

Experts from all parts of the industry gathered to share their decades of experience on subjects including feasibility, financing, zoning, attraction mix, construction and more.

“Meeting, greeting and talking with the network of professionals was priceless,” said attendee Jason Miller. “We highly recommend that anyone getting into the FEC business should definitely attend this two-day seminar.” Learn more at www.fecsuccess.com.


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