End-of-Year Bullseyes In Florida


The BullShooter Tour has moved its way across the country, bringing out the best darters around who now look toward the BullShooter Finals (May 24-28). The end of 2017 saw three white-knuckle tournaments in Florida, South Carolina and New York. After South Carolina’s Nov. 3-5 tourney and New York’s, the weekend after, darters in Florida aimed to impress during that state’s regional tournament held Nov. 17-19 at the Park Inn in Kissimmee. The tourney was co-sponsored by Betson Florida, Legacy Coin and Player One Brady. Eleven main events were held, with players from around Florida and beyond vying for the $12,000 purse and a chance to play at finals.

Meradith McGee and Kelly Meares won both Women’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles Combo in the women’s tourney, while Danny Baggish (at right) won Pro Singles and Jimmy Sullivan and Brian Dennis won Pro Doubles 501 in the men’s. All players who won money during the regional tourneys received a BullShooter Qualifying Card for the event’s finals next May 24-28, 2018. A whopping $140,000 is on the line at the five-day showdown.


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