Enco Systems Cools Off With Summer Savings


Enco is offering a $20 discount off their OPU2 product, the “optical pick-up you need to repair Philips CD Pro 2 player modules.” Customers can receive this deal until the end of August by using the coupon code “newopu2” at checkout.

They are also offering a $15 discount – coupon code: “newopu1” – off OPU1, which is needed to repair Philips CD Pro 2s and CDM12 industrial player modules. According to the company, replacing a failed OPU will repair the majority of failed player modules, and is a fairly simple procedure with no soldering involved.

If you’re still sticking with the disc, visit encosystems.net to have a look at the products, and click here for a tutorial on how to install their OPUs.


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