Embed Installs in Europe, Australia Arcade Locations


Over the past year, Embed has installed its cashless business management systems at nine Veltmeijer Group locations across Europe and Zone Out Arcade in Nelson Bay, Australia.

Embed recently signed a 3-year exclusive agreement with Veltmeijer Group, based in the Netherlands, to open amusement centers across Europe. They have 18 stores across the continent, including Gamestate, Gametown, Gamecity and Family Entertainment Centers. Their most recent location opened March 18 at the Mall of the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, Zone Out Arcade opened its doors to the public in December with the Embed system and co-owner Emily Pattison had nothing but great things to say about how things have been going.

“There is no doubt when it comes to card systems, Embed is the best,” she said. “They make the process easy, enjoyable and ultimately takes the pressure off business owners by providing a reliable system. We’re so grateful for the customer support from Embed, which enabled us to open our premises on time.” Learn more at www.embedcard.com.


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