Embed Installs at Apex, Co-Hosts Non-Profit Event


Apex Entertainment recently opened its third location in Albany, N.Y., and Embed was integral to the project – installing 100 smartTOUCH tap readers, five kiosks and two “Prizes” workstations. “We’ve worked with Embed since the beginning, and when we talk about Embed, it’s not just another vendor that we work with,” said Joey Slawinski, Apex Entertainment’s director of operations. “It’s a partnership that we want to grow with and be able to have 10 more locations with. So far, we’ve seen great success in everything from A to Z.”

In other Embed news, the company partnered with Round1 in Grapevine, Texas, on Jan. 6 and treated 100 kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Tarrant County to unlimited game play, bowling, karaoke, food, goodie bags and giveaways.

“When we have corporations come to us and say, ‘We want to do something for your kids,’ it makes us happy because that’s why we’re here,” said Daphne Barlow Stigliano, the chapter’s CEO. “Opportunities where we can take our kids to events and expose them to fun and reward them with something really exciting is great for them. I’m so excited that they get to go have fun and be rewarded for great grades and making good choices.” Learn more at www.embedcard.com.


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