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Embed's 20th Anniversary - milestones

A collage highlighting Embed’s 20 years in business.

Embed Celebrates Milestone & Achievements

Founded in 2001 and celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, Embed grew from a humble tech startup to an integrated, cloud-based business solutions platform that enables business owners in the family entertainment industry to achieve greater operational efficiency while reducing costs and increasing profitability.

Embed's 20th Anniversary - logoThroughout the years, Embed execs say they have been laser-focused on their key strengths: building a comprehensive and holistic consumer experience, constantly innovating and brainstorming creative ideas and cultivating close-knit relationships with customers and partners such as AWS, Google and Apple.

Headquartered in Singapore, the company has five offices worldwide, with new premises in Dallas, Texas (2005) and Dubai (2008). Embed now serves a diverse and wide-ranging customer base of more than 1,000 clients from 56 countries, with a total of over 3,000 cashless business management system installations. Notable clients include FEC juggernauts TEEG Group (Asia), Dave & Buster’s (North Ameri­ca), Veltmeijer Conglomerate (Europe) and Landmark Group (Middle East).

“When the pandemic hit, FECs were left reeling from the significant impact Covid-19 had on their businesses,” said Embed CEO Renee Welsh. “Embed responded immediately, launching a range of invaluable initiatives to support customers in their road to recovery, focusing on low-touch experiences, embracing automation, leveraging technology and streamlining communication.”

Those efforts culminated in the Embed Covid-19 Resource Center and Covid-19 Relief Act. A key element was the Mobile Wallet, Embed’s most recent award-winning innovation that the company gave away for free for one year to all FEC owners. (On Aug. 12 to celebrate their two-decade milestone, the company announced they were extending that for another year.) To date, Embed says it’s the only FEC business solutions provider to gain compliance approval from Google and Apple for its Mobile Wallet, and the only non-finance, banking and sponsorship brand to sit in consumers’ mobile wallets.

Embed's Renee Welsh

Embed CEO Renee Welsh

The company explains that the Mobile Wallet allows operators to gain access to valuable insights such as guest behavior and spending habits. Based on the data collected via the Mobile Wallet, FEC owners can better understand their guests and introduce tailored offers and experiences, driving repeat visits and encouraging customer loyalty, thereby future-proofing their businesses.

“When it comes to technology innovation, Embed draws inspiration from emerging technology in hyper-competitive industries, keeping a finger on the pulse of emerging consumer trends and consumer behavior,” Welsh said. “You can’t afford to take shortcuts when it comes to your business software solution, especially if your business revenue and profit depends on it. Consumers drive technology adoption and expect businesses to follow. There isn’t a single business that can ignore this if they expect to stay in business and thrive.”

Identifying changes in consumer behavior and adapting one’s core business to meet evolving customer needs are crucial in a pandemic. Embed says they are proud of how they rose to the challenge and actively contributed to that narrative, empowering, enabling and easing the business of fun for their various stakeholders.

Reflecting on the company’s anniversary, Welsh concluded, “It’s the people who make the industry of fun so extraordinary. A highlight is working with our industry tech partners – Apple, Google, and Amazon – who support us architects and trailblaze the technological future of the FEC. Our FEC customers, the Fun Crusaders, and Embed employees, the Fun Mavericks, are what makes my time at Embed worthwhile.”

Embed's 20th Anniversary - employees

The Embed team, the “Fun Mavericks.”


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