Elaut Settles Lawsuit, Licenses Tech to S&B


Elaut recently announced that it reached a settlement in its lawsuit against S&B Entertainment and St. Louis Game Company regarding Elaut’s patent for color-changing LEDs used in crane machines.

The lawsuit claimed that the S&B/St. Louis Game Co. infringed Elaut’s patent through the sale of certain cranes. As part of the settlement, Elaut granted S&B/St. Louis Game Co. a license to use their LED patent for their full line of linked, color-changing crane machines, including Neon World, Ticket World, Prize Rocket, Duck World, Carnival Crane, Route 66 and machines in development.

“The settlement of this lawsuit is good for both parties,” said Eric Verstraeten, managing director of Elaut. “We are pleased to extend the use of our technology to S&B. They have been long established with almost four decades of high-quality crane production and are well-known in the amusement industry for their innovation.”

Added Brian Riggles, CEO of S&B: “We have full respect for the intellectual property of other manufacturers and devote considerable energy in protecting our own patents. Together with Elaut, we will identify potential infringements so we can protect our license and build on this unique technology for the next generation of cranes.

“We are very pleased to have amicably resolved this matter with Elaut and to have been licensed under the patent. We believe that color-changing LEDs enhance our machines and the player’s experience.”


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