Educational Seminars Highlight Of LTC


The Laser Tag Convention wrapped up alongside the Amusement Expo in Las Vegas, and early reports pegged it as a success. The highlight of the convention, said organizers, was the 18 educational seminars talking about avoiding costly mistakes, increasing group sales and handling startups. The seminars were divided into three tracks, emphasizing different aspects of the laser tag world.


A roundtable discussion during the 2016 Laser Tag Convention.

Industry experts such as Frank Price of Birthday University, Armando Lanuti of Creative Works, Frank Seninsky and Jerry Merola of Amusement Entertainment Management also spoke to the laser tag crowd about mapping the experience, hiring and training staff, marketing to adults, social media, card systems, increasing arcade revenues, designing and theming. and facility development.


The Laser Tag Museum’s Booth at Amusement Expo International

LTC organizers said the roundtable discussion went well, as operators from around the country talked about topics that mattered in their markets. One topic stole the show, however, as attendees discussed putting human emotional sensibility and touch into a well-run facility, or more eloquently put, finding the “Soul in the Machine.”

Post-seminars, the convention was well represented by manufacturers and suppliers in the industry: 16 companies exhibited and over 100 attendees and buyers came from all over the U.S.

For more information, look toward RePlay’s May issue and in depth coverage of all things Amusement Expo International!


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