Dialed In! Goes to Production, JJP Promises Shipping Soon


Jersey Jack Pinball’s newest flipper game called Dialed In! is now in production and the New Jersey-based factory has released a flashy new promotional video to show it off (embedded below). The company says it will be shipping games soon, and has released the video to the public to begin drumming up hype for the Pat Lawlor-designed pin.

Jersey Jack founder Jack Guarnieri shared this story of how he and Lawlor became friends and began collaborating on Dialed In!:

“In 2011, I found myself renting a building from Pat in Harvard, Ill., for JJP. I knew he’d been retired for several years, but welcomed him to see the work we were doing while sharing our vision with this legendary pinball designer. Pat saw that vision come to life with our first game, The Wizard of Oz, and got excited. He began to toy with the idea of returning to pinball design…one day. By late 2013, after expressing his interest, we made Pat part of the JJP team, a pivotal decision for the company.

“The idea was simple: design an unlicensed, original game — something directly from Pat’s imagination,” Jack continued. “Fast forward to the birth of Dialed In! What a game. I have to tell you, the result is amazing, and the reaction of people who’ve played it has been incredibly gratifying and such an affirmation of Pat’s genius. In it, we’ve built a game with groundbreaking technology and features never before seen in a pinball machine.

“Ever the dedicated pro,” Jack said, “Pat has been visiting the game in the field, studying it and making signature tweaks. I can’t ever remember a new game having received such care and attention.”

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