Delta Strike Laser Tag – December 2019


Genesis Debuts

Delta Strike Unveils Its Next Generation Laser Tag System

Delta Strike logoIf you missed it at IAAPA, you’ll want to make sure to check out Genesis, what its manufacturer Delta Strike International is calling “a groundbreaking new laser tag system.”

The big game-changer, they say, is the built-in selfie camera, which allows players to take photos of themselves that display on an opponent’s LCD screen when they are tagged.

Unlike text and avatars, the images of players personalize the experience. “The common thread among all FECs is the social aspect,” said Delta Strike co-founder Doug Willems. “There’s got to be interaction between people. It’s all about competing with your friends and family.”

Willems was on a road trip across the U.S. that turned into market research, working to better understand how players interacted with the various systems available at entertainment centers and standalone laser tag facilities alike.

“Bowling is a social activity, and we believe laser tag should be too,” he said. “We’ve observed hundreds of ­arenas and tested a wide range of equipment to identify the gaps in the market. We also listened to our customers and the sales team to make product enhancements. Based on the overwhelming sense of excitement we’ve received so far, I believe we hit the mark.”

XR 40 phaser - Delta Strike Genisis systemApart from the selfie feature, Phaser Tracking will be able to show an audience a real-time map of the action. That means parents, friends and bystanders become spectators of each game.
Additionally, the signature sci-fi look of Delta Strike’s phaser gun just got an upgrade. It has 22 full-color LED lights. Players get a rainbow-like display that pulses forward every time the trigger is pulled.

“With 480×800 pixels with 16 million colors, Genesis has the largest, highest-resolution display in the laser tag industry,” Willems claimed. “In addition to dual-beam and star laser the phaser em its, a new sight bridge allows for sports cameras to be mounted.”

From an operating standpoint, the company says it’s designed to maximize profitability by ensuring efficiency, durability and reliability. They have a new jacket-style vests with wireless induction charging, meaning the backs are always charging in between games without connecting cables.

Delta Strike execs added, “With a true, self-diagnostic system, operators will know the sources of specific failures in the equipment for quick and easy repair. The precision components and intuitive design make the phaser interior as beautiful as the outside.”

The system was available for pre-order starting at IAAPA. The first product shipment will go out in February (the earliest run was sold out before the trade show). New purchases will begin fulfillment in March.

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