Dave & Buster’s with New Attractions from VRstudios


The multiplayer virtual reality attractions maker VRstudios recently announced its exclusive content released at Dave & Buster’s facilities around the country.


Men in Black: Galactic Getaway is the fourth VR simulator title now playable at 125 D&B locations. It’s a “zany, action-packed interactive experience” that presses players into service as “accidental MIB agents on a madcap dash to stop a notorious alien gang from making it to their gateway spaceship and escaping.”

They also announced new VRcade Arena experiences, including VRcade PowerPlay and Barking Irons Gunslinger, both of which are being offered first for a limited time at the Dave & Buster’s location in Tampa, Fla. It’s the debut location for VRcade PowerPlay. The free-roaming experiences are wireless and VRstudios calls PowerPlay “the only truly athletic eSport in VR, a game in which players compete through a series of matches and move naturally as if they were on a real-world playing field.

Visit www.vrstudios.com and www.daveandbusters.com for more information.