Creative Works Upgrades Whipples Fun Center


After about a year’s worth of work, Creative Works excitedly announced a newly completed collaboration with Whipples Fun Center in Phoenix. Owner Jeff Carl called Creative Works for a jungle-themed laser tag arena, as well as a Lazer Frenzy laser maze.

“I had my own idea of what I wanted,” explained Carl. “So, I talked with my sales rep, and re-picked and highlighted elements out of multiple themes to put my theme together. Essentially, I picked and chose things that I liked from different options that Creative Works had and we kind of built it from scratch from there.”

The end resulted in the fabrication and installation of Whipples’ custom 2,744 square foot, two-story jungle themed laser tag arena.

“Everybody within Creative Works, you can tell that they’ve been doing it,” concluded Carl. “That it’s very systematic and they’ve got it down to a science to where they can come in, design your arena, implement your arena and provide it to you turn-key. I can just tell you that we get a ton of compliments from the work that’s been done.”




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