VR Franchise Show Debuts in Chicago


VR is slowly infiltrating mainstream society in very real ways and a VR franchise tradeshow is hoping to help thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners and potential franchisees embrace the new tech by introducing VR as a business research tool.

The tradeshow will be held at the Schaumburg Convention Center this weekend (Sept. 30 to Oct. 1) out in the Chicago burbs. The event, hosted by The Franchise Consulting Company (TFCC), invites attendees to step into more than 60 franchise businesses and tour multiple locations, all while under one roof. By utilizing VR headsets, organizers say attendees will get realistic impressions of what the location and business look like and how it runs.

Those present will also have a chance to meet (face-to-face, not over VR!) with high-level execs from several of the franchise brands they tour through the glasses. Organizers of the event say the end goal is to make ambitious entrepreneurs more confident in fulfilling their aspirations.

Every exhibitor at the event will have a VR headset at their booth, so attendees only need a smartphone to step into the business of their choice. The show will feature companies from a variety of industries, including Pet Supply Plus, Teriyaki Madness, MAACO, Cycle Bar, Shred 415, Hand and Stone, Jumpzone and PuroClean. Organizers say each exhibitor will be able to discuss expansion plans for Chicago and the Midwest.

Nick Neonakis, CEO of The Franchise Consulting Co., said: “Our innovative virtual reality technology allows entrepreneurs to get an in-depth tour of some of the finest franchise brands. Coupled with Chicago’s business potential, this expo is ideal for those who are looking to break from the nine-to-five mold, add to their current portfolios, or begin a new career path they didn’t think was possible.”

“Meeting potential partners in person is the best ways to formulate a relationship, and adding in VR technology enhances the experience on their end,” said David Leonardo, SVP for Franchising at Pet Supplies Plus. “The release of the VR experience is a phenomenal addition to the initial stages of relationship building and is a key piece to the puzzle in our industry.”

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