Cool Stuff, Saxophones and a Legendary Moment


Press On Products’ Kylae Jordan, maker of jukebox remotes compatible with AMI and TouchTunes machines, is also a working musician currently blowing his sax at a Woodland Hills, Calif., eatery called Monty’s Steakhouse. He shares this moment-in-time with RePlay readers:

Kylae_Brandon Legendary Moment“So there I was on my last regular Wednesday night gig of the year at Monty’s,” Kylae recounts. “The band is in discussion about what to play next when Ronnie Gutierrez, our fearless leader and drummer, informs us we are going to play a Chicago song, a David Sanborn tune. Oh, and by the way, the legendary saxophonist Brandon Fields is here and has asked us to play it! As the band starts counting off the tune I turn around and there he is putting his sax together. My heart jumped into my throat and suddenly I felt faint, and the song immediately vacated my brain.

“I have been playing alto sax for 27 years and even studied with David Sanborn,” he continued. “That being the case, nothing prepares you for when one of your all-time saxophone heroes shows up at your gig and you get three seconds to process it and then play a tune with him.”

It took a bit of focus as Kylae closed his eyes to put the stress aside, let the tune settle into his brain and regain composure. With one bar left before it was go time, Kylae said, “Suddenly the music comes roaring back, I open my eyes and instinct takes over. I start playing the melody effortlessly. As the shock and excitement abates, I find myself still in a strange out of body experience. Here he is, a saxophone legend, Brandon Fields, jamming on a tune with me at my gig! As the night went on, I got an opportunity to play on a Latin tune with Brandon, which was a real chance to relax, redeem myself and blow a pretty good solo. Thankfully, I did just that and my friends recorded this legendary moment for me. Brandon Fields was approachable, friendly, humble, and a kind human being. What a great way to end 2016!”


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