Committee Members Named For 2017 Amusement Expo



The individuals planning the 2017 AAMA-AMOA Amusement Expo in Dallas have been chosen by the co-sponsoring organizations. This eight-person Board of Directors will oversee policy and financial aspects for next year’s get-together:

Chris Felix, Crane Payment Innovations (AAMA);

Holly Hampton, BayTek Games (AAMA);

Allen Weisberg, Apple Industries (AAMA);

Phil Cohn, TouchTunes (AAMA);  

Gaines Butler, Metro Distributors (AMOA);

Rick LaFleur, I.F. LaFleur & Son (AMOA);

John Pascaretti, Pascaretti Enterprises (AMOA); and

Jerry Johnston, Amusement Unlimited (AMOA)

Members of the Show Committee, which will focus on the overall conduct of the Expo, have also been named. They are:

Jonathan Durst, Pyramid Technologies (AAMA);

Anna Bacorn, Barron Games (AAMA);

Bryan Aune, AMI Entertainment (AAMA);

George Smith, Family Entertainment Group (AAMA);

Jim Marsh, Hart Novelty (AMOA);

Bobby Hogin, Hogin Amusements (AMOA);

Mary Lavine, Bullseye Amusements (AMOA); and

Chip O’Hara, Midwest Coin Concepts (AMOA).

These groups will commence regular conference calls which will be joined by show management staff from W.T. Glasgow and other association staff members that will help map out plans for the Expo. Look for more information from RePlay as the plans begin to develop.


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