Cineworld CEO Talks Virus; Shares Optimism for Future


In a recent Deadline article, CEO Mooky Greidinger of Cineworld Group (which owns the world’s second biggest theater chain Regal Entertainment) spoke about the coronavirus and his optimism when business comes back.

“I believe that towards the end of June, we will be able to open the cinemas and hopefully in early July, we will see the first blockbuster released,” Greidinger said, adding that it’s management’s responsibility to prepare for a longer closure, which they’re working on now.

“The U.S. is the leading market of the cinema industry in the world and I hope there will be developments and solutions that will allow us to come back at some point in June. However, if it will be a month, two months or three months later, we will need to be ready for it and this is what we are doing now, preparing ourselves and taking all measures that we need in order to keep the company healthy and safe and ready to come back into business.”

Kudos to Apple Industries CEO Allen Weisberg for passing along the article.


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