CEC Entertainment, Semnox Valued Partners


Chuck E. Cheese parent company CEC Entertainment has implemented Play Pass, the tech that replaced tokens in favor of RFID-enabled cards, at all of its more than 500 U.S. corporate locations. Semnox has partnered with them on the project.

What started as testing in 2014, “the partnership has yielded mutually beneficial and successful outcomes for both organizations,” Semnox reported.

“Partnering with Semnox to roll out our RFID technology upgrade for our concept was one of the best decisions we have made at CEC in the last 5 years,” said Roger Cardinale, president of CEC Entertainment. “We were concerned initially because Semnox was a smaller organization, but they exceeded our expectations in every way possible.”

Added Semnox CEO Kiran Karanki, “It is a proud moment for the company to have not only won the business of CEC, but having retained them as a very highly referenceable client. I believe the relationship has been mutually rewarding with continuous innovation driven by both companies. We are thankful to the CEC team for having placed faith in us.” Learn more at www.semnox.com.


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