BullShooter Blasts Toward Season’s End


Arachnid’s BullShooter regional tournaments have wrapped up and qualified competitors from across the world are now focusing in on the bullseye: the 32nd annual BullShooter Finals held over Memorial Day weekend, May 25-29. Multiple regional tournaments, including the final two in Nebraska and Georgia, reported records broken for the amount of players competing.

The penultimate tourney was held in Omaha, Neb., from March 3-5, with the final regional being held in Macon, Ga., two weeks later. The Nebraska tourney was co-sponsored by Greater American Dist., NTS Dart-Tech and Central Distributing; many players shot well over the weekend, with highlights including James Henninger’s Pro Cricket Singles win and Diana Rutherford’s wins in Women’s Singles and Doubles 301.

The Georgia regional was co-sponsored by Betson Southeast, Player One Amusement Group and Legacy Coin. Players traveled from Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, North and South Carolina and from all over Georgia to compete. Krissy Grimal stood out with wins in Women’s Doubles 301 and Doubles Combo, as well as a win in Mixed Cricket. Richard Gilreath won the Pro Cricket Singles event.

The Finals will have 21 main events and $140,000 given away to the winners. Early tournaments, parties and giveaways will occur throughout the week. Click here for more on the BullShooter Finals.



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