BullShooter 2017 Keeps Breaking Records


This year’s nationwide dart tournament, the annual BullShooter tour, has been breaking records left and right since it began, and the most recent regional tourneys are no exception. From Jan 27-29, BullShooter stopped in Knoxville, Tenn., at the Holiday Inn World’s Fair Park. The event was cosponsored by Betson Southeast, Player One Amusement Group and Legacy Coin.

 Trint Sumner, Beth Sumner and James Eldridge captured Mixed Triples in Tennessee. Trint won 3 championships over the weekend.

The crowd was the largest ever seen for BullShooter in Tennessee, with competitors and spectators traveling from Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and the home state.

Following the Tennessee tourney, BullShooter moved down the road to Pittsburgh, where it hosted its largest tournament in history. From Feb. 10-12, over 500 players attended the tournament to compete, making the usually large tournament even bigger. Organizers said along with many old, faithful players, there were plenty of new faces.

Only two BullShooter regionals remain, one in Nebraska on March 3, the next in Georgia, beginning March 17. The finals are held over Memorial Day weekend (May 25-29) with a prize pool even larger than years before. For more information, click here.


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