LAI Games Is Ready For Expo


LAI Games will be bringing Let’s Bounce and HYPERshoot, among other products, to the Dallas trade show and company leaders hope buyers will continue to appreciate the earnings potential of the new, flashy products. The firm’s new HYPERshoot is an eye-catching basketball game unlike any you’ve seen before. It’s got a uniquely interactive “light tunnel” that follows the arc of each shot ball. This competitive redemption game includes real time sports commentary, speed play and the ability to create a striking display with up to eight linked units.

Let’s Bounce is another eye-catchingly bright redemption game that is fun for all age groups. Each player gets 20 balls and attempts to hit all 45 light-up tiles through precise shots and wild bounces. The game caters to one or two players, and can be fun to spectate as well!

Jay Trietly, manager at Alley Cats bowling and entertainment center in Arlington, Texas told LAI’s marketing folks, “Let’s Bounce has been a big hit with our customers. You are drawn to it! Customers like the quick and challenging play, and we see a lot of replays. It is a solid earner and in the top 20% of our room averaging over 800 plays we week.”

Jay also spoke glowingly about LAI’s HYPERshoot. Both games will be at LAI’s booth in Dallas, and more information on the games can be found here and here.


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