Bowling, Bars in Pennsylvania Question 50% Capacity


Some Pennsylvania bowling alleys and bars shared their struggles with recently; most are uncertain about their futures as partial reopenings don’t ensure they’ll be able to stay open.

Mark Wattle, owner of Greengarden Lanes, said he’s worried about the business’s survival. He’s still unable to open, but has decided to offer takeout from the kitchen on Fridays and Saturdays. “It’s just putting a small Band-Aid on a big wound,” he said. “Our businesses have shut down, but the bills don’t stop.”

Even if bowling alleys reopen this summer in Pennsylvania, Wattle and David Kacprowicz of Eastland Bowl both agreed: People will want to be enjoying outdoor activities.

Moreover, Wattle, Kacprowicz and Karen Drake of Eastway Lanes all said their businesses would be severely hampered at a 50% capacity. “If we stay at 50%, you might as well shut the door right now,” Wattle said. Added Drake, “For what bowling costs universally, Erie is really cheap. To keep that expense down, we would need to be at more than 50% capacity.”

Learn more about Pennsylvania’s plans to reopen here.


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