Betson Launches AMS Touchless Medical Machine


Betson Enterprises and AMS Vendors are releasing the AMS Touchless Medical machine, which provides medical facilities and other essential workplaces with a safe way to get personal protection equipment like masks and gloves.

“The AMS Touchless Medical machine showcases a clean design without peripheral components such as bill validators, coin mechanisms or credit card readers, resulting in a truly touchless experience that requires no physical interaction with the machine, save for retrieving the medical and PPE equipment,” the companies say. The machine uses Vagabond’s embedded vīv commerce platform for all purchases, allowing users to pay using their phones.

Touchless Medical has built-in instant telemetry, live VMS and cashless capabilities to ensure long restock cycles, few service calls and reduced human interactions. It also allows operators the ability to “stock high-priced medical equipment, manage pricing remotely and communicate with consumers directly.”

Those interested in purchasing the machine can reach out to Betson through their website at


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