Benchmark Games’ New Products – March 2018


Benchmark Heats Up Spring Market

Fireball Leads the Way in Quartet of New Games for the Coinbiz

Skill-based play is the name of the game for Benchmark Games, and this year’s lineup of new units is no exception. Fireball, Gold, Grid and Treasure Tree are the fresh machines that Benchmark will ship this spring, and were among those featured at this year’s Amusement Expo.

Fireball is Benchmark’s new and “hottest” redemption game. Units began rolling off the production line in January and the factory reports that those have been reserved quickly. So just what is it about Fireball that has operators and distributors fired up?

It’s a reimagining of a previous Benchmark ball-drop concept with a new skill stop feature. With eye-catching, fiery, neon graphics and black light effects, the factory says Fireball is quite the attraction piece.

“Operators are drawn to its modern presentation and its profitable quick-play formula,” said Sales Director Paula Rinker. “We’ve been testing Fireball with local operators and the results have been positive. So much so that the locations wanted to buy the test units!

“What makes Fireball unique,” she continued, “is the player has more skillful control of the game play.”

The new feature allows players to stop the rotating wheel and time the ball drop (or vice versa!) to earn displayed ticket values or win the bonus.

Benchmark has some amazing “giant” games designed to be major attractions in the game room, but operators will find Fireball is sized to fit just about anywhere, measuring 33” wide x 40” deep x 82” high.

Going ON the Grid

Another skill-based ball drop game that will illuminate gamerooms is Grid, a redemption piece with black light and neon effects that are great for bowling alleys and any place that has a glow dynamic, Rinker explained.

In Grid, players use hand-eye coordination and a play wheel to maneuver a ball through the four tier “grid” to “catch” the ball and achieve displayed ticket values. Two of the four tiers of plates are moving.

“Players are just drawn to this game,” Rinker said. “It’s both a profitable and cost-efficient way to enhance a gameroom’s appearance.”

Grid also boasts a modest footprint, which Benchmark expects will appeal to all operators. It measures 36” wide x 38” deep x 84” high.

Going for the Gold

Benchmark says Gold is a “100-percent skill-based,” ball drop merchandiser in which players try to light up the letters G-O-L-D to win a prize. If they happen to be unsuccessful at it, players can credit-up within 30 seconds to keep playing, further incentivizing continued play.

In designing the game, Rinker said the company took the profitability of the ball drop model and added it to a merchandiser. Gold has five major prize tree spindles with a side door for easy loading. Operators can also adjust the game’s wheel speed.

At 38” wide x 38” deep x 91” high, Rinker added, “Gold is appealing to both the street and the FEC operator.”

Going for the Youngsters

The other new merchandiser shipping this spring, Treasure Tree, has simple, skill-based game play made for a younger demographic.

Kids hit the buttons as fast as they can, which powers up the meter and shakes the animated “treasure tree.” The game then dispenses prizes such as 2” eggs, capsules and bouncy balls, depending on how the power meter registers the strength of “the shake.” It’s a winner-every-time formula ensuring every player feels like a winner. The unit has a high-capacity bin that holds about 1,600 low-value prizes and 1,000 high-value prizes.

“It’s doing well on test –– kids can’t resist putting their hands on it –– and should be very favorable to busy locations,” Rinker said. “It is definitely a unique piece as a merchandiser with a game play element.”

The unit measures 37.5” wide x 43.5” deep x 84” high.

Going to the Station

Finally, Benchmark is releasing an updated version of its Ticket Station ticket taker. The new unit features a monitor so operators can display marketing messages while players feed their tickets into the unit and get their personalized receipts to present at the redemption counter.

Again, Fireball is shipping now; the others are coming soon. For more information on these and other Benchmark products, contact your local distributor or the factory at 561-588-5200.

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