Bay Tek Entertainment Makes Donation to AAMCF


The American Amusement Machine Charitable Foundation recently reported that Bay Tek Entertainment made a generous $5,000 donation to the J. Richard Oltmann Memorial Scholarship Fund.

“We’ve seen firsthand how this money helps create future leaders,” said Holly Hampton, director of Dimensional Branding Group, a Bay Tek Entertainment company. “We hope this donation brings awareness to the AAMCF JROM Scholarship and inspires other organizations with charitable foundations to do the same.”

Added Tina Schwartz, AAMCF’s executive director: “We are humbled and honored to accept this donation from Bay Tek. This scholarship keeps alive the legacy left by one of our industry’s most passionate supporters.

“Mr. Oltmann’s example of sharing best-practices and teaching others the ins and outs of the business of fun is the stuff of legends. There is more than one successful member of our industry who can trace that success back to Richard’s generous mentoring and support.”

Applications for the scholarship are being accepted through March 15. Click here to learn more.


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