Barron Games’ Tap That – May 2018


Barron Taps Into Skill/Competition Combo

Four-Player Reflex-Testing Tap That Combines Proven Concepts

Barron Games’ Greg Bacorn with the fun four-player, Tap That, on the road a the California operator group’s spotlight show in March. It’s shipping now.

Once in a while a game comes along that ingests traditionally successful concepts only to spit out something radically new. That’s the case with Barron Games’ new Tap That game, which lives in a unique space of heart-pumping, competitive gameplay and ticket redemption rewards.

The four-player speed and reflex game asks players to compete head to head in an attempt to see who can tap as many lit buttons in the allotted time. Seven buttons are laid out in front of each player and, looking like a quartet of hand drummers, competitors intently focus as the buttons blink on and off. For each light caught, the player gets a point. But if they are too slow (as is often the case!) they lose a point. The winner is the player with the highest points at the game’s end, but bragging rights are not the only prize! The game comes standard with four Entropy 2000 ticket dispensers so each player gets a reward as well.

“Our inspiration for the Tap That grew out of our success with the QuadAir and Catch the Light games,” said Anna Bacorn, VP of Sales for Barron Games. “We had multiple customers asking us for another game that tapped into the competitiveness of Catch the Light, and we really wanted to make another four-player game like QuadAir.”

Tap That was initially debuted last year at the AAMA Gala, with an industry-wide viewing at IAAPA. Today, the game is shipping in small batches and starting to appear in game rooms nationwide. The company says it also comes with a surprisingly fair suggested retail price of $7,995 which, according to Bacorn, is a “steal” compared to most other four-player games out there.

“It also just offers something very different than what other four-player games offer,” Bacorn continued. “It’s more of a sports game that really brings competition to the forefront, whereas other four-player games are often videos and more about working with your team.”

The firm says Tap That is very versatile and can work well in nearly any location, but numbers trickling in show larger FECs and chains seem to be doing the best with it. Bacorn says the game appeals to a wide variety of age groups as well, noting that she’s seen groups of kids, families and adult friends all huddled around the game trying their hardest to win. By the way, you don’t have to have four to play; even a single player can have a good time, but Bacorn (and anyone who’s played) admits that the fun peaks when the table is full.

“Simply put, it’s a lot of fun. And I think that is the greatest success metric in any game,” Bacorn concluded.

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