ATMIA’s Next Gen Efforts Get Thumbs Up from Industry


The ATM Industry Association has released results from real-time polling at its February conference in Houston. According to the association, responses show significant support for Next Gen ATM, ATMIA’s global API App model that integrates ATMs into the emerging mobile-digital ecosystem.

The Next Gen consortium was created to establish industry standards among manufacturers and independent software developers that will ease the way for creation of operator and customer tools for added convenience and more efficient operation. Many of those in the industry see it as essential to the expansion of functionality and features of ATMs.

“The results show strong support for adoption of Next Gen starting in 2020,” said ATMIA CEO Mike Lee. “An overwhelming majority feel app-based ATMs are important to the long-term welfare of our industry. Furthermore, almost half of those responding said their business will be an early adopter of Next Gen.”

Workshop attendees identified a “better customer experience” as Next Gen’s greatest potential benefit to their businesses. Other highly-ranked benefits of Next Gen include reduced ATM operating costs and greater ability to deliver value-added services.

The survey was conducted during a half-day workshop on Next Gen ATMs, which featured presentations by experts from Evolve Bank, Results XL, Wind River and Upshot Financial, plus discussions of successful Next Gen proof-of-concept work by BVK, Cashware, NCR and Ovia. More than 200 people participated, making it the best-attended workshop ever at a North American ATMIA conference.

“Our members clearly feel that Next Gen ATMs can transform the consumer experience, and they are working to make it happen,” Lee concluded. For more info, visit Click here to see a short webinar on Next Gen.


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