ATM Operators Move to Provide Essential Cash as Hurricane Approaches


As Hurricane Dorian continues to make its way to landfall in the U.S., independent ATM operators are already working to help those likely to be impacted. As the American Red Cross and other disaster relief organizations have noted, it’s essential that citizens stock up on several days of extra cash along with water, food, medicine and other fundamentals.

“ATMs play a vital role when it comes to preparing for natural disasters,” said Bruce Renard, the National ATM Council’s executive director. “In the event of power outages, cash is often the only means available to purchase essential goods and services.”

However, as Renard also noted, independent ATM operators also provide access to cash immediately following natural disasters. “Independent ATM operators have expertise in providing mobile ATM availability in serving their communities immediately following a natural disaster. Even before power is fully restored, they can move into an area and provide access to cash using portable generators.”

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