ARC Studios, Zone Laser Tag Have Micro Laser Tag Attraction


ARC Studios and Zone Laser Tag recently introduced their Micro Laser Tag Attraction “to satisfy the industry’s pent up demand for a laser tag experience under 1,500 sq. ft. The cost starts at $65,000.

The companies say their high-tech laser tag arena is designed to fit in spaces as small as 875 sq. ft. up to that 1,500-sq.-ft. mark. Complete with dynamic lighting, sound and interactive laser tag play, the arena is designed to be modular and durable.

“Bowling entertainment centers can add laser tag by overlaying 3-5 lanes without tearing out any lanes or damaging the lanes,” they said. “Skating rinks can install a laser tag in the center of the rink or space at the end of the rink. Fun centers will be able to finally produce substantial revenue in a smaller space than a typical laser tag arena.”

The arena will use the lightweight Begeara3 phaser laser tag system, which is playable for kids ages four and up. Learn more at


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