GT’s Next Championship Announced, Qualifiers Begin This Fall


Incredible Technologies has excitedly announced that the 2017 Golden Tee World Championship will take place in Las Vegas on May 19-21, 2017. 64 of the world’s best Golden Tee players will square off for over $70,000 in prize money and Golden Tee notoriety.

Online qualifying will take place on GT 2017 machines starting this November and are set to include opportunities in every game format through March 2017. Competitors will be selected from the new “Freaky Friday” daily contests, Prize Play, Money Shot and even a special contest for non-prize states.

“Our goal this year is to include as many players as possible in online qualifying,” said Scott Morrison, VP of Amusement Marketing at I.T. “Some formats will run over a couple months and encourage repeat play, while others take place on a single daily contest. We expect a lot of excitement and extended play over the five-month qualifying period.”

Complete breakdown of the various qualifying options and championship prizes can be found on the Golden Tee LIVEWIRE here. Qualifying leaderboards, standings, full rules and other information will be added to the LIVEWIRE throughout the qualifying period.

“We encourage operators to alert their player base of this exciting event,” said Morrison.

I.T. will send messages to games and posters will be available for download here. The first shipments of Golden Tee 2017 are expected on Sept. 26, and the company encourages any operators interested to contact its sales hotline at 855-803-1621.


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