Apple Products Build Buzz at IAAPA


Apple Industries had another successful year, and the IAAPA Attraction Expo was a buzzworthy end to it. The company exhibited for its 17th consecutive year, and brought a host of new and old products that kept their booth busy with over 3,000 visitors over the course of four days.

Marvel Adventure Lab was one of their debuted products, and allows users to marvel at their photos alongside their favorite superheroes. The booth is set to ship right after 2019’s first quarter (April) so check with your distributor ASAP to learn more. Additionally, Apple’s Photo Studio Prism is the smaller-footprint version of the company’s Photo Studio Deluxe while maintaining the hit booth’s pizzazz and draw. Finally, the company unveiled a wholly new concept in its Print Budii kiosk, which allows customers to print photos directly from their phone. This means anyone can instantly memorialize any of their favorite cell phone shots quickly and easily.

Allen Weisberg, Apple CEO, said, “This year was very special for us as we showcased incredible products which were exclusively revealed at IAAPA 2018. This is also a unique opportunity for our sales team to book multiple appointments with our international distributors, potential new clients and all the industry leaders gathered for one week under the same roof.”

Be sure to see the company’s highlight video above. If you want to see more highlights from IAAPA, watch RePlay columnist Frank Seninsky’s compilation here.


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