Mk2 Teams with Secret Location for VR Management


Mk2, a European VR provider, has tapped Secret Location, an experience creator, to help further both companies’ goal of creating a worldwide VR distribution network. Mk2 will now use Secret Location’s Vusr Venue to streamline its customers’ experience in VR pods. Vusr allows LBE VR operators to efficiently manage content through a central dashboard, allowing for quick response to customer needs during a play session.”Mk2 has long been searching for an easy-to-use content management tool to power our VR pods.

Secret Location’s Vusr Venue is providing exactly what our global customers need, and more,” said Elisha Karmitz, CEO of mk2. “Vusr Venue gives our operators simple methods to manage the complex back-end components of VR LBEs and will help mk2’s VR pods even easier to use at any scale.”The pods, which launched this year, come with over 50 games, meaning customers need some guidance in choosing what is right for them. The pods have been finding their way into more and more locations as the year has gone on, with over 100 on location currently and more installations to come. To learn more about mk2, visit; for more on Vusr, go to


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