Apple Has Kind Word for Printing Partner Mitsubishi


Apple Industries thanked Mitsubishi Electric for its “quality printing products which ensure that photo booth customers constantly get the most quality, color-popping photos” when using an Apple booth. The company said Mitsubishi Electric printers are playing a crucial part of their success story.

Customers can instantly share their cool photos and fun video clips with friends and family from the booth via social media, but for those snapping pics for the more traditional photo strip, the Mitsubishi Electric printers provide top-quality technology. More importantly, the printers tend to be reliable as well, according to Mitsubishi Marketing & Business Planning Director James Chan. He said that Face Place operators request printer service on less than half a percent of their units sold.

“Reliability and durability are where we excel,” said Chan. “Our printers are made with a steel cabinet casing and robust ventilation systems,” he added, “enabling continued operation in rugged environments where other brands may fail.”

Chan added that Mitsubishi works closely with Apple Industries to easily integrate any new updates.

“The old-fashioned photo booth has now evolved into a networked communications hub for the 21st century,” said Apple CEO Allen Weisberg. “We’re proud to incorporate Mitsubishi printers into every one of our products. Their dye sublimation technique is simple and clean, most importantly, reliable and durable, resulting in low-maintenance, top-quality prints in color or black and white.”

“Customers also love the printers Mitsubishi Electric built exclusively for our photo booths. They offer a choice of print sizes,” added Apple COO Scott Avery. “The printer’s unique roll-type mechanism guarantees that Face Place operators never worry about paper jams or component freeze-ups. When a photo booth is producing hundreds of prints daily, that level of performance is essential.”

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