Andamiro Launches New Games Ahead of Trade Show


Wacky Racer, Krazy Ballz and Tic Tac Toe Basketball Challenge are three of the brand-new games Andamiro will be showing off in their Amusement Expo booth #1115.

A new 2-player whacker game featuring the SpongeBob license, Wacky Racer “cleverly pairs coin-op’s traditional mallet game with a unique racing twist.” The redemption game supports head-to-head competition and also single-player mode against the unit’s computer.

Part of Andamiro’s expanding Nickelodeon lineup, SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star take their marks as players hammer away at the popping mechanical targets. Players hit those popping targets for points that will put them closer to the finish line.

Krazy Ballz is a 4-player game where players must quickly gather balls that correspond to their designated zone colors – red, green, blue and yellow. The first player to secure four matching balls is the winner.

“At the game’s heart is a centrifugal energy system featuring a rotating playfield that sends the balls dancing chaotically throughout dome,” the company explained. “Balls descend into the recessed ‘collection receptacles’ at each player station. Here, players must keep their colors, or reject rival colors by pressing the corresponding eject button.”

Joining Andamiro’s novelty hoops lineup will be Tic Tac Toe Basketball Challenge (MSRP: $8,395), which will stand alongside the Tic SHAQ Toe version. It’s a basketball game where players aim to conquer the 3×3 tic-tac-toe grid by sinking balls into the best baskets.

“There’s more than meets the eye with Andamiro’s new basketball game – it’s a game of wits and tactics,” the company explained. “Operators can customize the challenge with three play modes. In fixed play mode, each basket holds its mark for the game’s duration. In cancel play mode, players can erase an opponent’s mark by scoring in their basket. And in steal play mode, players can flip an opponent’s basket to their side with a successful shot.”

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