AMOA Simplifies “Save the Rack”


Three years ago as part of the “Look Who’s Making a Difference” campaign, the AMOA Coin-Op Cares “Save the Rack” pink pool table kit was developed as a special promotional and community service initiative. The transformative kit emblazons your pool tables in pink fabric, all in support of the fight against breast cancer.

This year, the association has put together a specially-packaged “rails only” kit to support breast cancer awareness pool table events. Members have been asking for a simplified version of the kit, and this was the answer AMOA’s Promotions Committee found.

The number one feature of the new version is quite simple: It is significantly less labor intensive yet still provides the same great opportunity for operators to make a positive impact on their community by hosting pink pool table events.

For additional information on the AMOA Coin-Op Cares “Save the Rack” Pink Pool Table Program, contact AMOA’s Maggie Kapinos at [email protected] or 800-937-2662 (and see the photo above).


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