Fear The Walking Dead Gets Triotech Treatment


Triotech and AMC have combined forces to create a Fear the Walking Dead survival attraction coming to the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas this summer. Based on AMC’s hit series which expands the Walking Dead story with new characters and more, the survival attraction will feature elaborate sets, all-encompassing audio and video, and Triotech’s world-famous motion simulator technology.

Upon entering the experience, guests find themselves in a military facility beset by the hordes of zombies. To survive, they have to face their fears and trust their instincts, ultimately escaping back into the real world.

“Fremont Street Experience is a tourist destination known for its unmatched variety of entertainment, making it the perfect home for this futuristic, immersive, interactive attraction,” said Triotech’s President and CEO Ernest Yale. Triotech execs say that AMC has added a level of authenticity that can’t be matched, and guests are expected to recognize many of the scenes and characters from the experience. Expect a lot of zombies and some scary stuff!


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