AMOA Presidents’ Dinner: Emily Dunn Passes the Torch


With Amusement Expo in town, the coin-op capital of the world is undoubtedly New Orleans this week. That was also true ahead of the show last night, March 8, as many industry leaders gathered at Broussard’s Restaurant in the French Quarter for the AMOA Presidents’ Dinner.

The AMOA past presidents who attended the dinner were (from left) Andy Shaffer, Randy Chilton, Mike Leonard, Marion Paul (seated), Donovan Fremin, John Pascaretti, Jim Marsh, Gaines Butler, Bobby Hogin, Jerry Johnston, immediate past president Emily Dunn (seated) and Rick LaFleur.

Outgoing president Emily Dunn led the special get-together, and officially welcomed Greg Trent as the new AMOA president. Past presidents and AMOA’s entire board of directors were also recognized and thanked for their contributions.

Hold for applause! New AMOA president Greg Trent shares a smile with now past president Emily Dunn after being handed the association’s metaphorical reins. Trent then took the mic for a couple of minutes to thank everyone. Be sure to congratulate him this week on the trade show floor!


Speaking of those many contributions, Dunn also presented a $10,000 check on behalf of AMOA’s Coin-Op Cares Foundation to Ronald McDonald House Charities of South Louisiana.

“AMOA chooses to take the opportunity to give back to the communities where we’ve been privileged to conduct our meetings,” she said. “Ronald McDonald House has been keeping families of sick children together and near the care and resources they need for decades. Thank you to everyone here for generously supporting Coin-Op Cares and making tonight’s donation possible.”

AMOA’s Coin-Op Cares Foundation gave Ronald McDonald House Charities of South Louisiana a check for $10,000. Here is Emily Dunn pictured with the group’s executive director Marianne Addy.

The always gracious Dunn acknowledged just about everyone in the room, including Expo partner AAMA, whose representatives included Joe Camarota, Pete Gustafson, Holly Hampton and Allen Weisberg.

She also acknowledged 3-star game master sponsors John Margold, Bryan Aune and Mike Maas (AMI Entertainment), Dan Lewicki (Banilla Games), Sal Cifala (Firestone Financial), Bill Allen (Intercard) and Jamie Sura and Luke Ferro (TouchTunes); 2-star game master sponsors Josh Pick and Adam Kramer (Incredible Technologies), Lee Wesson and Ryan Wood (Pace-O-Matic), Sam Westgate (Smart Software) and Gary Stern, Ryan Cravens, John Buscaglia and Pat Powers (Stern Pinball); and 1-star game master sponsors AVS Companies, Chuck Brooks of Coin-Op Marketplace, Moss Distributing, Rick LaFleur of The Really Big Crane Company, and Andy and Julianna Shaffer of Shaffer Distributing.

As always, learn more about the association at or visit to learn more about their charitable foundation.

Dunn asks the many AMOA board members in attendance to stand and be recognized.


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