AMOA Charity Donates to Hurricane Relief


As members of AMOA’s Coin-Op Cares Foundation Board met in Destin, Fla., on Sept. 9, hurricanes were on their minds and nearly on their doorstep. At that time, members had seen unprecedented destruction wrought by Hurricane Harvey, and Irma was looming off in the distance. In their meeting, the board approved two $12,500 donations for relief with a focus on local volunteer groups.

The COCF’s Emily Dunn shared details on the amazing work she’d seen done by local groups responding to the damage caused by wildfires in Gatlinburg, Tenn., last year, adding that money donated to these local groups typically stays in the affected area.

With that in mind, board members reached out to several AMOA members in Florida and Texas who were intimately aware with the disaster-struck areas of their state. After a search, AMOA approved a $12,500 donation to Middleburg United Methodist Church in Florida, and a donation of the same size to Houston Food Bank in Texas.

As the efforts to rebuild continue, AMOA has made it clear that they are waiting in the wings with more assistance.


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