AMI’s Year End Charts & Juke Day Giveaway


AMI Entertainment released its annual list charting top jukebox artists, songs and music videos for 2017. With millions of songs and tens of thousands of locations across the U.S. and Canada, the 2017 End-of-Year jukebox music charts offer a broad cross-section of popular music among today’s bar and restaurant goers.

In the world of new music, many genres were equally represented in AMI’s Top 20 New Songs list. Hip-hop’s Migos took three of the top 20 spots, while other popular artists like Sam Hunt, Ed Sheeran, Luke Combs, Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B and more filled the remaining spots.
AMI says its music video feature continues to see increased coin drop on jukes across the nation, adding that the firm’s most popular music videos of 2017 were Bruno Mars’ That’s What I Like, Jason Aldean’s Any Ol’ Barstool, Kendrick Lamar’s HUMBLE, and Bad and Boujee from Migos and Lil Uzi Vert taking the top spot.
Rock once again came out on top as the most popular genre accounting for 37 percent of all jukebox plays. AC/DC once again was the most-played rock jukebox artist, followed by rock icons Guns N’ Roses and Lynyrd Skynyrd. But while rock was the most popular genre, country artists dominated AMI’s “Top Played” lists with Chris Stapleton being the most-played artist across all AMI Jukeboxes, and his mega-hit Tennessee Whiskeybeing the most-played song on AMI’s jukebox network.
Learn more and see the charts yourself here.
In other AMI news, the firm is hosting a celebration for the recently christened National Jukebox Day. AMI partnered again with Capitol Records to giveaway Bob Seger’s new album. The Rock and Roll and Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee released his 18th album, I Knew You When, which features a blend of covers and originals.
First place winners will receive a $250 gift card, on top of an autographed guitar from the perennial rocker. Five second place winners get Seger’s new music on CD plus $50. Five second place winners get the new album and $25. AMI users can enter now through Nov. 29.

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